Pension Fund of Ukraine will be able to automatically assign pension

According to the Deputy head of Department of information systems and electronic registers of the main Department of Pension Fund of Ukraine in Cherkasy region Lyudmila Khizhnyak, developed several methods of registration on the web portal Fund.

Пенсионный фонд Украины сможет автоматически назначать пенсии

The first is already familiar to many login and password (this should contact the service center Fund), the second – most popular, by a qualified electronic signature, and the third integrated system of electronic identification GovID that it uses for verification of Bank details.

The specialist noted that due to the pension calculator without a physical visit to the PF authorities, you can even predict what pension already earned at the time of employment.

This system provides for changes and clarifications. So if a person did not pay contributions in Ukraine, this period in her insurance experience will not be counted. However, this can be corrected if you voluntarily sign the contract and pay the corresponding contributions.

Online you can also fix some inaccuracies in personal information of citizens, for example, the letter in the last name or incorrectly entered date of birth. In order to fix this you can use a special questionnaire, which operates among the layout of the portal.

In turn, the head of the main Department of PFU in Cherkasy region Svetlana Senniki said, is there any hope for the future introduction of automatic pension to go nowhere to go, and just get what I earned, at a certain time.

According to her, the Pension Fund is a large-scale project that is already tested – e-work-book. Partly its functions are at present one can already see the starting date of the employment and dismissal of the employee. Today it is calculated automatically according to the system of personified registration since 1998.

The aim of this project is the appointment of pensions so that employees do not pay into the Pension Fund. So, until 30 June 2020, the PFC should develop a mechanism for automatic (without application form) purpose of old-age pensions after reaching retirement age. That is, to assign a pension will be age persons who want to execute it remotely using a qualified electronic signature or electronic identification, BankID. In order to take advantage of the web portal will need to fill in your details, add the scanned copies of the documents confirming the seniority and agree on the automatic granting of the pension and send the Pension Fund of Ukraine for processing.

It is also noted that the work of the PFC continues during quarantine, with observance of all norms and security measures. Help secure media access to the databases, and many professionals working remotely. Moreover, work service centers over the phone and using boxes: visitors pass certain documents and get the necessary information.