Pension payments will now stop automatically

In Ukraine earned the automatic interaction between the registries of the Ministry of justice and the Pension Fund. Now check the information about the death to pass through special online services.

Выплата пенсии теперь будут прекращаться автоматически

This was reported in the Ministry of the digital transformation of Ukraine , reports “Hvil”.

The Ministry explained that the innovation will provide timely sotsposobie for burial, and to suspend in the event of death, payment of the pension.

Now the employees of the Pension Fund, thanks to online service that automatically updates a day, you’ll be able to check the information about the citizens. Before the data transfer process was done manually and took 10 working days.

Technically, the interaction occurs between the State register of acts of civil status and Registry of insured persons of the State register of compulsory state social insurance.

The Ministry also informed that in the near future it is planned to create the card of the insured person (it will be arrange after the birth of a child).