Pensioners aged 75 years and older plan to increase pensions

The Minister of social policy of Ukraine Marina Lazebnaya said that pensioners aged 75 years and older plan to increase pensions by UAH 500.

Пенсионерам возрастом 75 лет и старше планируют повысить пенсии

As the Wave passes, she declared it on air of TV channel “inter”.

However, she noted that the Ministry of social policy has developed new social initiatives.

“We have developed new social initiatives… For more than one million pensioners over the age of 75 years, we would also like to establish a monthly allowance to pensions… About 500 UAH”, –said Lazebnaya.

In addition, she stressed that her Ministry is working on increasing pensions, with more than 40 years of experience, but receiving today small pensions.

According to the Minister, the date of the indexation of pensions should be defined in legislation.

Moreover, the Ministry has no intention to allow early retirement for parents who are caring for children with rare diseases, and who don’t have enough experience.

Lazebnaya also said that the deficit of the pension Fund to date amounts to 34 billion UAH, while in the beginning of the year it amounted to $ 23 billion.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the 2020 Pension Fund is underfunded by almost 9 billion UAH from payment of the single social contribution (ERU). So, as of 20 may from the payment of ERUs, the Pension Fund received 99,3 billion UAH 8.9 billion UAH less than the planned amount.