Pensioners can record to raise payouts

Pensions in Ukraine can rise sharply to 4000 hryvnia.

Пенсионерам могут рекордно поднять выплаты

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya” with reference to Today.

A possible increase is associated with commitments assumed by the Cabinet in cooperation with the IMF.

The point is that the Ukrainian government has pledged to provide a guaranteed income for all citizens.

We also learned that members want to align the size of the actual and nominal subsistence minimum. Pensions will also equate to this amount.

Thus, the cost of living in Ukraine will be tied to the percentage of the average wage that is 40% from the figures for 2019 with inflation.

If the proposal is adopted, instead of the current 2027 UAH, the average pension will increase to around UAH 4201.

In addition, the lawmakers plan to annually increase by 1% the dependence of the subsistence minimum of the average salary. By 2030 this figure is going to increase to 50%.
It is expected that this provision will come into force in 2021.

At the same time, many experts still doubt, “pulls” the state budget such costly social program.

This can lead to serious problems with filling the state budget and exceeding the level of the allowable costs of social protection of the population, experts predict.