Pensioners prepare the indexing of benefits, copayment, age and assistance for the duration of the quarantine

In the spring of 2020 pensions in Ukraine will count three times. In April and may seniors will conduct the indexation of pensions, will pay a one-time assistance in connection with the quarantine and will pay a fee for the age.

Пенсионерам готовят индексацию выплат, доплаты по возрасту и помощь на время карантина

As reported RBC-Ukraine, to rely on the Supplement can different categories of Ukrainian pensioners.

So the indexation of pension payments, scheduled for may, will be carried out taking into account inflation and the average salary in Ukraine. To rely on the clearing, about 7 million retirees.

Unavailable indexation of pensions will be for those who retired in 2019-2020, recipients of social and maximum pensions, people with life-long maintenance, as well as working retirees (for the category indexing to be conducted separately).

For one-time assistance for the duration of the quarantine or the so-called “quarantine thousand” can count more than 10 million pensioners. Will receive additional UAH 1 thousand, those pensioners, the pension which is less than 5 thousand hryvnia per month.

Also as noted the Minister of social policy of Ukraine Manina Lazebnaya, the fee will be given to the disabled and recipients of social pensions.

Spring is also planned accrual of pension Supplement for pensioners older than 80 years. In may of such pensioners, which the word in the camp around 1.5 million people will pay 500 hryvnia.

The Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, emphasize that the indexation and the accrual of additional payments will be carried out automatically, so retired to go anywhere is not necessary.