Pensioners told how they will be affected by a loan from the IMF

To get a loan from the IMF in the amount of $ 5 billion Ukraine will raise the retirement age and introduce a system of funded pensions.

Пенсионерам рассказали, как на них повлияет получение кредита от МВФ

According to the Memorandum, the IMF, Ukraine needs to continue the implementation of the pension reform, which was initiated in 2017. The reform envisages the introduction of “incentives for longer work,” that is, raising the age for retirement.

Also in the agreement with the IMF stated that the Ukrainian authorities will not introduce changes that will reduce the retirement age.

Instead, they promise in the medium term to equate the minimum pension to the subsistence level and to conduct annual indexation (but the overhead will be insignificant Stranaya).

The Memorandum also stated that Ukraine will introduce a funded pension system, which will develop jointly with foreign partners. Now comes the preparation of two bills on funded pension for all and only for privileged categories of pensioners.

In addition, in cooperation with the World Bank Ukraine plans to combine the programs in one database and tie the payments to a “minimum income”.