Pensioners will pay extra for the extra experience

Often receiving a pension for years of service (doctors, teachers, etc.), and continue to work not by profession Ukrainians in retirement age trying to change the look of his pension to a retirement pension, which may be significantly more.

Пенсионерам доплатят за лишний стаж

Such a possibility is envisaged for them in Article 45 of the Law No. 1058 States that the transfer from one pension to another is done from the date of submission of the application on the basis of documents about the insurance period, wages (income) and other documents that were being translated from one type of pension to another pension case, as well as additional documents obtained by the Pension Fund.

Comments about this the official publication Fiscal service of Ukraine “Visnyk” said Galina Mastyugina, Deputy Director of the Department for pensions of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

She also said that when translating from one type of pension on another according to the desire of a person may be considered wages (income) for the periods of insurance specified in part one of article 40 of this Law, using average wage (income), which was considered at the time of appointment (the previous recalculation) of the previous type of pension.

The exception appears only if the citizen after the appointment of the disability pension prodolzhateli and acquired at least 24 months of insurance experience after appointment (the previous recalculation) of the pension.

At the same time when the translation for the first time since disability pension for retirement age applies to the average wage (income) defined by part two of article 40 of the Law No. 1058 for a pension (for the three calendar years preceding the year of application for assignment of pension).

Therefore, when translating from pensions for years of service to retire at age citizen will have the right to based on insurance purchased after a pension for years of service, and to calculate the pension taking into account earnings for the period defined in article 40 of the Law No. 1058. However, it will be applied to the average wage (income) which were taken into account in calculating pensions for length of service (with 01.03.2019 g — 4 404,35 UAH).

It is important to remember that paragraph 71 of the Concluding provisions of the Law No. 1058 provides that persons who on a day reaching retirement age, worked in establishments and institutions of state or communal ownership for jobs, work on which entitles you to a pension for years of service, the appointment of old-age pensions paid financial aid that is not subject to taxation, in the amount of ten monthly pensions as at the day of her appointment.

The procedure for calculating the length of service granting the right to the appointment and payment approved by the decree of the Cabinet of 23.11.2011, No. 1191.