People after 50 years is threatened by the lack of two vital vitamins

After the age of 50 years, humans can experience a lack of two vital vitamins: vitamin D and vitamin B12. These are the findings of the National institutes of health, USA.

Людям после 50 лет грозит недостаток двух жизненно важных витаминов

As experts explain, the older the human body becomes more complex, the absorption of certain nutrients. This applies to vitamin D , which is the main booster of the immune system, and vitamin B12, which helps regulate metabolism and supports healthy energy production.

“With age it can decrease the production of stomach acid, which may hinder the absorption of vitamin B12. In addition, the body much less efficiently converts sunlight into vitamin D”, — experts say.

Vitamin D needed by the body for strong bones. In addition, vitamin helps it to absorb calcium (another important bone Builder), plays an important role in the proper growth of cells and reduces inflammation that can cause various diseases.