People Kolomoisky trying to achieve raising prices of diesel fuel and liquefied gas

Close to the oligarch Kolomoisky people are trying to achieve the introduction of the excise tax on imports of diesel and liquefied natural gas, which will lead to higher prices at the pump. This was written by political analyst Kirill Sazonov on his page in Facebook.

Люди Коломойского пытаются добиться поднятия цен дизтопливо и сжиженный газ

“Today, the Commission on trade in MRAT the decision to discontinue the investigation on the introduction of an additional excise tax on imports of diesel and liquefied natural gas. Markets these deeply deficient, and any decision will only affect the price for consumers and no — for these imports. The Commission must take a logical decision, but… some of our oligarchs don’t like it,” wrote Sazonov.

According to the analyst, under the pretext of the fight against import close to oligarch Igor Kolomoisky people want to disrupt the meeting of the Commission and not allow to make a decision.

“By a strange coincidence, opponents of the solution (a legal solution to the Ukraine after an investigation) are the people who connect with Igor Kolomoisky. And methods, by the way, very familiar. Under any sauce with aggressive pressure and even force the script not to allow the state to change the situation, which is beneficial to Igor Valerievich”, — I wrote to Sazonov.

He stressed the oligarch controls the market, and is now trying to achieve raising prices.

“Well, dear motorists, and aren’t you too relaxed? It is believed that the car to buy the gas too cheaply. And diesel fuel is also too cheap. And it is wrong – an urgent need to raise the price. Yes, this logic is a bit like robbery. What? Please understand that if you are after something cheaper you pay, someone loses income. Someone sells liquefied gas, someone buys. And here is the first believe that get a little,” wrote Sazonov.

We will remind, group “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov with other market participants and requires a 25 percent import duties on fuel. “Private” controls more than 70% of oil, more than 80% recycling and 90% of the transshipment capacity to import oil products to sea ports. Public company of the group shows losses for non-payment of dividends to the state. Investments in refining capacity, “Private” almost none. In such circumstances, fees will increase fuel prices in the country and maximize profits of the group “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky.