People return their gifts to lake Ontario (PHOTO)

Люди возвращают свои «дары» озеру Онтарио  (ФОТО)

On Tuesday morning, visitors could take the Toronto Island for a wet flea market.

Bikes, lawn mowers and freezer were among the items recovered from lake Ontario in the third annual event, “Clean water – our future”. Cleaning involved various city services and organizations including diving unit of the Toronto police force, which blamed the detection in water objects at risk.

“Someone was too lazy to take it to the scrap heap, and so quick and easy. But it’s not a dump,” said Giovanni Cautillo of Association contractors, service, sewer and water lines the greater Toronto area.

“Lake Ontario – our main source of water. Throwing things like lawn mowers with petrol or a Golf cart with diesel fuel, we are hurting our ecosystem. Why is there anything to throw?”

In the past year as a result of the cleanup has collected more than 33 tons of garbage scattered in the coastal waters from Toronto Island to Scarborough Bluffs. Record high water levels this year made it difficult to collect garbage along the coastline without the aid of barges or tugs.

“Met the territory, where 40% of the island was under water. When you are on a budget, hope for cleaning seems useless, because the water had flooded the areas as a Park,” – said the Head of management of coastal parks, James Dunn.

Currently cleaning crews focus on flood-affected areas, planting trees along the coastline. Many of the trees that survived last season and are considered to be high risk, if the winter nature Toronto Island again will pass the test of severe weather conditions.