Perfect beauty: the 5 most incredible national parks in USA

It is hard to imagine the US without the magnificent national parks. Thanks to careful maintenance, these natural areas can be saved for contemplation by future generations. These lands are not only extremely important, but also absolutely beautiful. This writes Only in Your State.

Совершенная красота: 5 самых невероятных национальных парков в США

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1. National Park Grand Teton (Wyoming)

National Park Grand Teton is located in the Northwest of Wyoming and employs more than 300,000 acres (121 to 405 hectares) of unspoilt landscapes. The most remarkable attraction is the mountain ranges that seem to rise from nowhere and rise thousands of feet above the ground.

2. National Park Kenai Fjords (Alaska)

In the US few places where you can see these glaciers national Park, Kenai Fjords is one of them. With more than 40 glaciers, this Park is rare and beautiful. In addition to glaciers, visitors can also see the impressive array of wildlife, including whales, wolves and sea lions.

3. National Park Great Smoky Mountains (NC and tn)

It is no secret how Great Smoky Mountains (Great Smoky mountains) got its nickname. This part of the Appalachian mountains, shrouded in thick fog. The national Park is filled with Hiking trails, with views of the surrounding countryside and campsites beyond this world. Perhaps not surprisingly, this Park is the most visited in all of the United States.

Совершенная красота: 5 самых невероятных национальных парков в США

Photo: Shutterstock

4. Acadia national Park (me)

This magnificent natural Park, established in 1919 as the first national Park East of the Mississippi, is a coastal Wonderland. The Park encompasses 47,000 acres (19 020 ha) of Hiking trails, forests and breathtaking landscapes. This Park is described as a photographer’s Paradise, and it is easy to understand why.

5. Arches national Park (ut)

Arches national Park in Utah is probably one of the most unique in all of the United States. This natural area resembling a Martian landscape, composed of crumbling rock formations known as the arch. It may be only a matter of time before some of these delicate statues is completely gone.


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