Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac: What zodiac sign is the most passionate?

Идеальная любовница по знаку зодиака: Какой знак зодиака самый страстный?

Each zodiac sign belongs to a single element. Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac is water, fire, earth and air. This aspect affects the temperament of the individual. This nuance opens the door to the bedroom, where you can watch aktualnoe the behavior of any woman. Air is the element of communication. So ex for a woman should begin and end with gentle chatter. Fire is an element quick and passionate. For these women, an important passionate moment. Earth is the Foundation.

Ladies this element of quiet, but sustained passions is not worth waiting. And water — the most sensual. With them a man may feel emotional spectrum of love. Choose the perfect mistress, in accordance with her sign of the zodiac. Read the rating of the most passionate women you see.

Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

12 — Aquarius

This woman likes to be friends with the opposite sex. Go to town — not her path. exu she would prefer a trip to another city, interesting conversation. Therefore, a good aktualnym appetite she has. Aquarians fantasize about it a lot. ex in their imagination is much brighter than in real life. So why be disappointed? To conquer a lady can be an unexpected trip to Siberia, for example, where she is happy to give love.
Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

11 — Gemini

Of an intellectual. If you do not have a brain, then to the bedroom you are going to get there. Men valued above all else — the ability to hold a conversation on any topic. Since the twins don’t like to miss: visiting, dining, or excursions they can start Dating. And ex for fun — their strong point. Especially if the partner will stand out from the grey environment. As well as Aquarians like to talk much. Gemini is a good actress, and ex with them can remind creative sketch with moans and cries. Today she is solo!
Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

10th place — LIBRA

The last sign of the air Trigon. Watching over them is Venus, so love and loving relationships are paramount. And what about the second? Well, certainly not ex. Scales are important for the appearance of the partner. If we will talk about intimacy, they will choose an attractive man, though a fool. Love the delicate and romantic ex. No aggression, GIMP and flat jokes. Beautiful — so in every way!
Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

9 — Sagittarius

Sign of the fiery Trigon adventurous, philosophy, and the perfect partner. The last point they, of course, in life not find. And if you are, then we are truly happy. Attitude to Exo — experimental. Sagittarians like new, so for fun and ready for a chandelier to get. But in life takes passion and desire, respectively, too. There are a lot of interesting things! The openness of the sign is no different. During EXA can happen for real mathematical calculations. How to conquer? funny joke. The more a woman laughs, the better the chance to look into her apartment.
Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

8th place — LEO

The lioness is the Queen. The Royal mood, she’ll move into the bedroom. Love the game by its rules. Concerned about appearance and how she looks in aktualnom the study. It is possible to try new things. Always the rule: bash at the bash. If you love oral sex, please give them to her, too. These women don’t go for infidelity. I think it is beneath their dignity. How to conquer? Money, gifts, flowers and courtship!

Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

7th place — ARIES

Aries — not a marathon runner. These women in EXE fast and aggressive. It is inherent in male behavior. That is, the prelude and “the marriage game” is not about them. Additional heating is not required. Spontaneity is my favorite feature of the mark. ex in the most extreme, unusual places. Here’s someone boring! Work with potency. To impress a woman — Aries is not just.
Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

6th place — CAPRICORN

Prim sign in EXE disclosed. In a dark room can happen a miracle. Latex, leather, whips. The novel “50 shades of grey” is written about the female Capricorn. She’s modest, smart and silent, but reveals love life like a flower. She likes non-traditional elements in EXE. And to do it she can watch. In between work, of course.
Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

5th place — VIRGO

Virgo seems cold at first glance. To keep the man she loved, this young lady will do anything. In EXE loves role-playing, cross-dressing and just Aktualnye outfits. She likes to receive pleasure but to give him is the question. Recall that the planet of love, VENUS, trapped in the sign of Virgo is the fall. A woman is able to sin and does it with great pleasure.

Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

4th place — TAURUS

For a quiet demeanour concealed a large and warm heart. Sign sensual and sensitive, but axe not the experimenter, although they engaged in with pleasure. Loves to stretch and have fun. Foreplay can literally bring a partner to bliss. If you are satisfied with earthly temperament, such a woman is a good choice. To win, it can be a serious feelings, a stable attitude to life and love. The main thing to have in your pocket did not stop the rattle of coins.
Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

3rd place — CANCER

Tender, romantic and so mysterious. These create a water element. They love long and delicate ex. Can blindfolded. This mistress will not weary conversations or aggressive to compress your body. This passionate and emotional person. The only obstacle to the happiness of her mood. It changes depending on the phases of the moon. To catch a positive attitude — must try.

Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

2nd place — FISH

Turgenev ladies — that can be called romantic fish. ex with them is something delicate and charming. I love foreplay, long and languid whispering in your ear. So you will conquer this girl, and will definitely leave a mark in her soul. Fish are able to get pleasure from CSA due to the development of imagination. They can submit a partner as your favorite actor from the movie. They can be forgiven! Women fish almost 90% of the cases reach a peak of pleasure and come alive in the hands of caring men.
Perfect lover is the sign of the zodiac:

1st place — SCORPIONS

Women are predators. Real aktualnie furies, driven by Pluto. They can not imagine life without EXA and doing it with special sophisticated ingenuity. Long abstinence — not about them. They are honest, passionate, without hesitation. To meet such a partner must comply. Soft and phlegmatic man is unlikely to survive. Restrictions EXE no. You recognize in the crowd the lady: a come-hither look, a slight wiggle of the hips…