Personal experience: how to build a successful business in the USA without leaving Ukraine

A Ukrainian has built a successful business in the US and while living in Ukraine. In his blog for the Ukrainian service of “Voice of America”, he told the story of his success and how he managed to overcome all difficulties.

Личный опыт: как построить успешный бизнес в США, не уезжая из Украины

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Hereinafter in the first person.

My name is Alex Dudar. The last two years I have successfully run a transportation company DFW Moving Company in Dallas (TX), while living in Ukraine.

The company has a high rating on Yelp, where consumers share their reviews. We are trusted by thousands of thankful Americans. And in 2020 we plan to open a third branch in the United States.

But before you obtain significant results, had to overcome many trials. However, when my eyes are burning, and the dream lives in the heart, any problems are forced to clear the way to victory.

How it all began

It all began on a whim. Several times I visited USA as a tourist. Each trip was inspired by the hardworking and dedicated with Americans that had the opportunity to meet and learn their personal success stories.

By the way, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the most successful and confident entrepreneurs were under the age of 30 years.

Unlike entrepreneurs in Ukraine, American businessmen easily share their own knowledge and skills, always ready to support you and give advice. Thanks to such people I had a dream to open his own company in the United States. A dream that eventually turned into a well-formed goal.

Here and now, or never

My brother lives with his family in Dallas (TX). When I visited him, he began to notice how rapidly developing city. A lot of companies from California to open there offices. The US census Bureau predicts a sharp increase in the number of jobs. I saw possible prospects and realized that either here and now or never. And the first task on the path to opening your own business is learning the language.

Wasting no time, I came to the nearest College and enrolled in intensive English courses. Both took morning and evening classes, and in addition — also free, which in the US are offered in libraries and churches.

Having basic English, began to study in detail the news of the opening of business in the United States and to analyze the prospects of opening a haulage company in Dallas.

Why the company is on the transport? The city grew rapidly and every company or resident that moved, needed help with transportation. In 2018, the city became a leader in population growth among major cities in the country.

What’s next? Acquainted with the laws on company registration and clarified the question of taxes and insurance. Thoroughly delved into the statistics development and perspectives of Dallas. How quickly the city is growing? Number of people live in rented accommodation? What companies are moving to Dallas? Who else could be potential customers? How often do local people need the services of a transportation company?

Business in Ukraine and in the U.S. — what’s the difference?

To date, I have the experience of doing business in Ukraine, where they run a furniture firm, and the United States, and have the opportunity to compare.

In Ukraine, a lot of time is spent on open company — weeks, in some cases, months. Numerous declarations, documentation, long queues in state institutions. In the United States to register a company in 30 minutes online, which I did.

Checked in, made a few calls and I had all the necessary documents, certificates, insurance. Because we are a forwarding company, the re-registration process we need to go through every year. Imagine, all it takes is only 20 minutes.

A call to the Department of transportation or any other state structure of the United States and get the information you need is as easy as ordering a pizza. The impression that your call is really important, the staff communicate with you politely, friendly and always willing to explain any unclear process, if you need to hire a phone service for your business, see here these cheap US business leased lines. In the United States each state Agency supporting small businesses. In Ukraine, unfortunately, there are no such conditions.

The secret of success in the distance

The search for employees was a lengthy process. I gathered a team of hard-working guys who are able to withstand heavy physical activity, know what and know how to resolve the misunderstanding. As a result, the company has a friendly international team from USA, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

My working day starts at 16:00 CET or 08:00 in Dallas. At this time my team is going in the office we connect via Skype and discuss the work schedule, coordinating tasks for the day.

Relations in the company are built primarily on trust. Without trust it is difficult to create a successful and profitable company.

I’m looking for people primarily on the personal qualities of the people I can trust. Without trust, the success of the work at a distance is not possible, especially in situations where the transport is damaged the customer’s property and they complain.

We have this case is a rule: “We do not make unsubstantiated promises for later, we solve all the problems here and now.” Even when during the move harmed unique Antiques, we have the wizard — a separate company with which we cooperate — it can be repaired.

I am a supporter to motivate good word, not a reproach. As practice shows, it is the most effective method of interaction. The result is a positive feedback from clients, who note that the company employs are smiling, polite and skilled workers.

When subordinates perform heavy physical work, they need the support and motivation of the Manager. Trustful relationships we have maintained and even sense of humor. Every situation can be channeled in a positive direction that we are actively practiced.

Charity and sponsorship

However, the focus of my attention not only on the business. Our team is actively involved in public activities in support of the state. For example, we on a volunteer basis transported medical equipment to educational institutions, help older people to get on state or local activities.

Our company also is the sponsor of Ukrainian concerts and festivals. We always support performances and the arrival of Ukrainian artists. Has already become a good tradition to take part in the organization of Ukrainian Christmas in Dallas, which attracts a large Ukrainian Diaspora from all over the country.

Other Ukrainians, are ready to start your own business in USA, I suggest to believe in yourself, clearly understand that for the realization of dreams takes time — sometimes years — and sometimes super — hard work, sleepless nights and worries. But also remember that obstacles make the dream motivates to overcome difficulties on the way.

I have a strong family and support his wife, children, parents, motivated me to move forward, not to stay the course and reach new heights. However, the recipe for how to stop worry and sometimes lose sleep over problems that arise in the company, I never found.