Personal experience: what Americans often ask visitors from Russia

“Almost all Russians are saying the Americans asking them the same when they learn country of origin,” writes the author of the blog Made in USA “Yandex.Zen”.

Личный опыт: о чем американцы чаще всего спрашивают приезжих из России

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Hereinafter in the first person.

How did they even find us

Americans, if we talk about the descendants of Europeans do not differ much in appearance from the Russian. And if you put these people next, it is unlikely that the average American finds out who of them is coming from.

Everything changes when we begin to speak. Almost all Americans know well the sound of Russian accent. And, as practice shows, almost never could hide. Only a few of Russians, who went to the States long ago, or have a real talent for learning languages, I can speak perfectly. But mostly, Americans immediately realize that people from Russia.

Top questions American Russian

There you have cold?

That is certainly the stereotype of the century. Even in American movies show that in Russia it snows in the summer. No, of course, in some parts of our country can be and is. But the fact that even in Yakutsk in July the temperature can rise well over 30 degrees Celsius, Americans are probably very confused. This can be attributed to other stereotypes, like alcohol instead of water and bears on the streets.

You start to remember Leningrad or Moscow

Some Americans in the past were in Russia. And if they are young, then their parents were somewhere in the 90-ies. And they will tell you about this fact, but at the same time asking where you are from. And if you are not from capitals, it is likely the name of another city they just do not understand. In addition, they can ask how to move in our country. General interest in visiting Russia in the U.S. is very high, because they consider us as almost another planet.

Is it dangerous to live there?

Say what you will, but Americans at the time, well scared of the Russian mafia. And even if it is almost non-existent (or it is so well hidden that in the States she hasn’t been heard), but the Americans still remember and fear. And of course they believe that the same “mafia of Brighton beach,” we walk the streets. Apparently, in the arms of bears.



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