Personal experience: what our habits are considered rude in the United States

Getting into a new country, we meet new people, and very often their habits, behaviour and mentality is much different from ours. The author of the blog Sergei Kurylenko at “Yandex.Zen” spoke of how habits can be easily recognized American even in a crowd of Russian.

Личный опыт: какие наши привычки считаются грубостью в США

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Don’t know about you, but I think the crowd of Russian people know for sure the American one is only appearance. But we differ not only in appearance, but also behavior. Moreover, some familiar actions from the Americans would be considered rude.

Do not violate personal space

Let’s start with the fact that the States are not fond of touch and General close contact. The concept of “personal space” there is very much appreciated and stands almost on a level with private property.

This is more noticeable in small towns, because in some new York people on the streets is so much that your space will not will someone will break it.

And all this is strange because at first glance, Americans seem very open and friendly, but even at a close acquaintance are trying to stay detached, only to once again not to violate your personal space.

Whistle — rough

Remember how in childhood, we were scolded if you whistle in the house? My parents forbade this, fearing that it’s bad luck and all the house money will not be. The Americans also considered rude to whistle even on the street.

A friend even told life. Once he whistled the greenback during the work on the site, as it was very noisy. For us common thing, but the American then asked not to whistle, and it is better to shout if necessary.

Don’t be greedy!

And last, but perhaps most important of all in America is considered unprecedented rudeness and even arrogance if you don’t leave a tip in a restaurant or even a small cafe. There is taking it seriously. So that you can even make a kind of “black list”. In any case, you should not return to school if the last time you did not leave a tip.

The original column published in the blog of Sergei Kurylenko at “Yandex.Zen”

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