Personal experiences of immigrant: 10 advantages of living in America

The author of the blog “Elena in America” decided to share his experience and observations about life in America. She made a list of 10 advantages of living in this country.

Личный опыт иммигрантки: 10 плюсов жизни в Америке

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Hereinafter in the first person.

1. The friendliness and smiling

Wherever you go, you will, at least, polite and will greet with a smile, even on duty. According to research, a smile lifts the mood (not only to others but yourself), reduces stress, positively affects the immune system and prolongs life. To this rather quickly and soon myself go and willingly give others smile.

2. Compliments

Decided to be a separate paragraph — American women without hesitation accept and give compliments your eyes, hair, earrings, purse, shoes, etc. And you also learn, whether you like it or not, after a while. This is a very well improves mood and self-esteem.

3. Respect personal boundaries

As it is now fashionable to say, do not climb with uninvited councils and obscene matters and more focused on their problems and lives of your family than on your personality.

4. Cultural diversity

Restaurants of national cuisines, exotic holidays, languages from around the world and the opportunity to learn first-hand about how to live in different parts of the world.

5. The atmosphere in Americae

It is not words can describe. We must really come and experience all the freedom of expression and apathy in your appearance.

6. Relatively high standard of living

No, this is not a perfect country, there are many drawbacks, and have also a lot of work to provide for themselves and their family, but to the middle class here still belongs to the majority. And what would there not talking, Americans do not know what it means to “survive” on a cheap salary for the positions for which they received higher education.

7. Shopping

Regular discounts on one thing or another in the various stores: that for Christmas, then after Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day to Columbus Day and President’s Day. There is no reason? Then let the sale to the end of the season! It is most advantageous to buy American brands.

8. Natural diversity

There are mountains and deserts, seas and palm trees, canyons and endless plains, and the most important — everything can be fairly easy to get (especially if traveling by car). Almost all will be equipped with entrances for people with disabilities, the benches and toilets. The departments of tourism carried out a good job on tourism development in different States.

9. Life in small towns

What would a tiny size was not a settlement, its inhabitants will definitely find what or whom to be proud. They organize a festival or the festival to support its uniqueness and entertain residents and neighbors will attract, and earn money.

10. English

Most of us were taught it in school and more or less able at least to read, to write well and to tell us about yourself. For me English is the love of adolescence, profession, and I enjoy living in an environment of language.


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