PETA wants to sue the city of Toronto due to Canada Goose (PHOTOS)

PETA хочет судиться с мэрией Торонто из-за Canada Goose  (ФОТО)

One of the world’s leading organizations for animal rights appealed to court with a lawsuit against the municipality of Toronto and her company for outdoor advertising “Astral Media” for the removal of the posters-advertising company Canada Goose.

Representatives of the organization “people for the ethical treatment of animals” (PETA) claim that the municipality had violated their constitutional rights by allowing the firm to remove Astral advertising, which criticized Canada Goose for the use of animal products.

According to representatives of the organization in September 2018 posters, paid for and developed by the staff of PETA removed from public transport Toronto the day after they are placed there.

The leadership of PETA has said that the administration has received “numerous complaints” to the advertising that urged consumers to boycott Canada Goose-for the inhumane treatment of coyotes and geese.

In fact, according to the advocates of PETA, firm Astral received only one complaint against their advertising from advertising agencies working for Canada Goose.

The Agency allegedly “hinted the firm Astral that if they want to maintain a solid working relationship with Canada Goose, is the need to clean up.”

Today, the PETA lawyers are located in Osgoode Hall in downtown Toronto, seeking judicial review of this issue by the District court of Ontario.

PETA is not the first time arranges a campaign of protest against Canada Goose in Toronto, and this is unlikely to be the last.

“PETA had every right to draw public attention to the situation with the coyotes falling into steel traps, and birds, which then are killed so that their fur and feathers can be used for jackets Canada Goose,” said the organization’s President, Ingrid Newkirk (Ingrid Newkirk) in a statement issued on Tuesday.

“We look forward to attracting Astral Media and Toronto city hall accountable for violating our rights and re-placement of our advertising posters.”