Petrashko: crop Forecast this year may be revised upward

Петрашко: Прогноз урожая этого года может быть пересмотрен в сторону увеличения

The Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture, the grain harvest forecast at 68 million tonnes may revise upward.

“The expected gross grain harvest 2020 is about 68 million tonnes, but may be revised upwards. According to preliminary forecasts of the Ministry of economy, the yield of oilseed crops (sunflower, soya, rape) this year will be more than 20 million tonnes of sugar beet will collect more than 9 million tonnes of potatoes — more than 20 million tons, vegetables — more than 9 million tons, which will fully meet the internal needs of the state and create a strong export potential, ” said Minister Ihor Petrashko during a press conference, according to Information-analytical portal of Ukraine’s agriculture.

He noted that this year due to the peculiarities of weather conditions in the South of Ukraine the harvest started earlier than in previous years. In particular, in the Odessa and Mykolaiv oblasts started the harvesting campaign of winter barley.

“However, the active course of the harvesting campaign in southern regions is to be expected in a week or two, in other areas — since the middle of July,” — said the Minister.

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He also said that the economy Ministry plans to sign a Memorandum of understanding with the participants of the grain market in the new 2020/2021 MG. Now the document is at the stage of approval of all parties.

As noted by Igor Petrashko, a Memorandum of understanding has allowed him to build strong relations and partnerships in the grain market.

“We’re going to continue to manage the market together with grain producers and traders on the basis of the Memorandum, which has proved its effectiveness. There is a certain level of minimum balance for crops, and we will adhere to this position to ensure that each manufacturer or trader can understand how the government in the future will be to regulate exports and ensure food security “, — said the head of the relevant Department

The Minister noted that now the market has no shortage of the wheat supply to the flour mills or the abuse of price.

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“We see no need for the application of sanctions in the grain market. The government worked so that was not reduced production, and that millers have not increased prices for socially important kinds of bread or other food products. I believe that we have established a good mechanism of cooperation with grain market participants “, — concluded Igor Petrashko.

As reported in may, the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture predicted for the current year harvest volume 65-68 million tons of grain.

Earlier, the Ministry predicted that Ukrainian farmers in 2020 will collect 60 million tons of grain and pulse crops due to moisture deficit and economic factors caused by the pandemic COVID-19.

In 2019 in Ukraine with the area of 15 million hectares were collected 74, 3 million tons of grain and leguminous crops, which is a record harvest.