PFCs are reported as changed the size of the pension payments

The average pension in Ukraine in 2019 increased by 16.5 %.

ПФУ сообщил, как изменился размер пенсионных выплат

This was reported on the website of PFC.

“As a result of recalculation the average size of pension payments as of 1 January 2020 amounted to 3 082,98 UAH. what 437,32 UAH. or by 16.5 % more in comparison with 1 January 2019 (2 645,66 UAH.)” — stated in the message.

PFC noted that last year paid 413 billion. Payments received 11.3 million pensioners.

The pension Fund also announced that it paid a housing subsidy of 2.5 million in the $ 10.8 billion. In addition, he appointed the payment of 378,8 thousand.

According to 2019, spending on pensions and other scheduled payments for the year increased by RUB 77.3 bln. (21.6 per cent). They made 435,9 billion.