PFCs explained the requirement for women to retire

The right to a retirement pension are Ukrainians who have reached retirement age and have completed the required insurance period. The pension age for women depends on their date of birth, reminded the press service of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFCs).

ПФУ объяснил требования для выхода женщин на пенсию

“In 2020 the retirement age for women up to April 1, is 59 years, from April 1 through 59 years and 6 months. From 1 April 2021 the retirement age for women is 60 years”, — is reported on the official page of PFC in Facebook.

For example, this year, women born in the period from 1 October 1960-31 March 1961 may retire upon reaching 59 years and 6 months. And women who were born after April 1, 1961, may receive a retirement pension only after they reach 60 years in 2021.

“Starting with January 1, 2028, the pension age will be appointed regardless of age, if the person has 40 or more calendar years of insurance experience. Insurance period entitling to pension age in 2020 is at least 27 years. With each subsequent year it will grow for one year to 35 years in 2028. The duration of the insurance period entitling to a pension, determined as of the date of reaching the retirement age”, – added in the Pension Fund.