PFCs presented an electronic work book

Pension Fund of Ukraine has introduced a new online service — “E-work book”.

ПФУ представил электронную трудовую книжку

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya”.

Pension Fund of Ukraine published information correspond to the official Facebook page. A new service on the portal of e-services will enable citizens to view information about employment.

“In the “Electronic workbook” displays information about all employment relationship of the employee according to the accounting information of the employer. Also provides information on insurance premiums paid in 1998″, — says the publication.

In the PFC reported that for Ukrainians, a new electronic service will facilitate the process of finding information on his career. Also Ukrainians will be able to see the data on the paid insurance premiums.

“In case of loss of employment paper books don’t need to spend time on data recovery because they will be stored in electronic format,” States the report.

The service is offered to all citizens of Ukraine. You must register on the web portal of the Pension Fund with a qualified electronic signature.

At the moment the Pension Fund is also developing a procedure whereby the insured persons and employers will also be able to provide information on employment prior to 1998 in the form of scanned copies of statutory documents certified by a qualified electronic signature.


1. After You received a qualified electronic signature, You can register it on the portal and log in to your personal account.

2. In the left menu you can find the item “E-work book”.

3. You can find information on his career.

4. You can submit additional information, which is not listed on the portal, if it is not listed in the registry of insured persons.