PFL is ready to sue the President of the “movement” incorrect expression

ПФЛ готова подать в суд на президента "Руха" за некорректные выражения

Gregory Kozlovsky

Professional football League of Ukraine is ready to sue the President of Lviv “movement” Gregory Kozlovsky for incorrect expressions, which are used Kozlovsky in respect of a FIE in an interview with YouTube channel “Vatske Live” from April 20. About it reports the official site of PFL.

In particular, the head of the “movement” admitted that the club do not like, and he will not play ball Select Brillant Super FIFA Quality Pro, calling them “flying condoms”, which, according to Kozlowski, “when it gets in the winter in mind – to tear off the head or break a leg”.

Thus, the club, according to the PFL, violated, at least, the competition regulations, approved on 26 June 2019 by a decision of the Conference of PFL and the FTC of the UAF.

The League noted that the contract with the sponsor for each club, PFL will allocate within three seasons, 100 goals of the Select, the value of 100 euros.

According to the PFL statements of the President of the “movement” is false information and demonstrative disrespect for the UAF, the PFL, as well as colleagues from other football clubs, that is a blatant violation of one of the basic principles of Fair Play.

On this basis, PFL reserves the right, in case of refutation of an official of FC “movement” lions of false information provided in the aforementioned interview, be required to take such action on the relevant decision of the court.

Add that PFL is engaged in the organization of the Championships of Ukraine in the First and Second leagues.