Phone, chocolate and music: the experts said that will help to overcome fear of flying

In anticipation of long-awaited vacation, many do not think about the rest, but the upcoming flight on the plane. Fear of flying for about 30 percent of the population. Experts have talked about how to overcome the fear and get flying fun, writes Lenta.Ru.

Телефон, шоколад и музыка: эксперты рассказали, что поможет побороть страх перед полетами

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Unfortunately, these tips are not suitable for those who are afraid to fly so much that is experiencing extreme stress at the thought of the plane. If you have aerophobia, get rid of it is possible only with the help of professional psychologists, and not articles on the Internet. But if you are just nervous before the next trip and think there is a way to transfer flights easier, here are a few tips that will allow you to get in the air time fun.

Arm yourself with statistics

Anyone who is afraid to fly, I heard that every year in road accidents killed incomparably more people than plane crashes, and “if you’re afraid of airplanes, and avoid travel by taxi”. But the human brain is hard to believe, especially when a person is afraid. Let’s help him.

Go to the website It shows all planes that are currently in the air. If you live in a major city, you’ll see that it now flies a few dozen aircraft. Zoom out and the map will appear hundreds, even thousands, of icons. Every two or three seconds in the world takes off or lands the plane. Without accidents and incidents. Because in aviation, everything is thought out, and the safety of the passengers is given the most important place.

“Flying today is safer than walking down the street or even be at home. The worst thing you can do before the flight is to study the crash, and aircraft. Better try to relax and be prepared: arm yourself with information and useful apps. The plane did not grab the armrests at the slightest movement, breathing evenly and calmly. And most importantly, if fear limits your freedom of choice and movement, seek professional help in one of the centres for the treatment of aerophobia. Courses effective, even if you, like most of aerotow, do not believe that you something will help”, — says Alexei Gervas, pilot, psychologist, founder of the center for treatment of fear of flying “Flying without fear”.

Select a convenient place

Do not rely on the employee at the front Desk, by yourself choose where you will sit: on some services sale of tickets this can be done by buying and almost all airlines are allowed to choose a seat when you check in online.

When selecting a location follow two principles. First: the place is not to reinforce your fears. Afraid of heights — don’t sit near the window; I’m afraid of closed spaces — do not take place between two seats.

The second principle: you should be as comfortable as possible. Seats in economy class with narrow seats, minimal legroom will make you every minute to think about what you are flying and you feel bad. So, if you can, invest in business class, if not — look for more spacious seats in economy class. Usually they are in the first row right after the business.

To take place at the emergency exit is not advised, it can only strengthen your fear of flying, especially if you will approach a flight attendant and will personally explain what to do in an emergency. Also, do not sit in the tail: if there is stronger turbulence just shakes. The perfect place for a person afraid to fly in the first rows after business class, aisle.

Learn useful information

Try to understand, what exactly frightens you in flight, and try to dispel these fears. For example, if you don’t understand how this large and heavy piece is held in the air and not fall, read about the basics of aerodynamics or get someone else from knowledgeable people to explain to you. I’m afraid that during turbulence the plane will fall apart in the air? Find out about what is turbulence.

In General, analyze your own and try to get to its root causes. And then look for information on the Internet. If you really are afraid, ask for help someone from relatives or friends: may they not give you Internet horror stories, which can be caught at the beginning of search results, and filtered out, and reasonable answer to the question “What if?”.

Download a useful app on your phone

To the upcoming flight download the app SkyGuru. It was developed by a professional pilot and a specialist in working with people who are afraid to fly. The app helps to understand what is happening with the aircraft at this particular moment. Flight information will be downloaded to your smartphone before the flight and to the landing, you can at any time see exactly where you are, and learn how the weather outside affects the plane. The application recognizes different sounds and explains their origin, but also gives the user helpful tips.

The app is free, but every flight will have to pay a little less than $5. Not cheap, but, you see, your peace of mind is worth it.

You can use the demo version, which will explain how the weather at takeoff and landing will affect your sensation and also approximately predicts the turbulence.

Learn to relax

It is important to relax without alcohol: it is not recommended to use during flights, because he’s a bad influence on blood vessels and pressure and in the air, your body experiences high loads.

Better start to practice meditation, gather a playlist of your favorite relaxing music, take a knitting (needles in this case, take a bamboo), or embroidery, buy a coloring book for adults — in General, any activity that helps you relax and get away. You can still download the road a few movies or take a good book.

Get ready to fly

In a small makeup bag, put a bar of chocolate, lollipops or gum — psychologists say that chewing or dissolving candy helps to distract from the frightening circumstances. In addition, if you chew on landing or takeoff, less to lay ears.

Even put in a bag sleep mask, a special pillow and earplugs — they will help to recover from the flight. Dress as comfortably as possible and bring Slippers or warm socks: you should be comfortable and well.