Phone scammers can now be submitted by the police (PHOTO)

Телефонные мошенники теперь могут представляться сотрудниками полиции (ФОТО)

In the past months in Canada there has been a significant surge in telephone fraud, and it seems that the scammers continue to find new ways of getting the victims money.

The latest innovation specifically for residents of Ontario, as the Ontario police reported over the weekend that scammers are now able to program call display so that when they call it displays “provincial Police Ontario”.

“If you receive such a call, discard. Never provide personal information, including identification numbers, passwords or financial information.”

The tweet also includes a video with sample audio, often used by fraudsters.

An automated voice begins to threaten a lawsuit against the subscriber, indicating that you should press 1 to immediately speak with a police officer.

“Failure to comply will be regarded as a deliberate attempt to avoid initial appearance before the authorities,” said the robot.

The video also says that more than 100,000 people were victims of fraud in Canada in 2018.

“Although the scammers prey mainly on the elderly, at risk are all, – is spoken in the video. – To protect yourself, just hit undo.”

Last month, the office of the Commissioner for privacy of Canada (OPC) issued a notice, warning Canadians about fraudulent calls.

Canadian Commission for radio and television broadcasting and telecommunications has given the telecommunications industry the time until December 19 to come up with a system that block or filter calls from scammers.

I hope that the new technology of call blocking will be operational soon enough.