Photo of Greta and the Severn is called a cult (PHOTOS)

Фото Греты и Северн называют культовым  (ФОТО)

This week for 16-year-old eco-activist Greta Thunberg also has not been in vain: she arrived in Vancouver on Friday to join the ranks of thousands of participants in climate marches. Thunberg, who is in Canada for a few weeks, travels around the country, participating in the protest, along with concerned citizens of Canada, and yesterday she finally met with Severn of Cullis-Suzuki, one of the leading activists in Canada in the field of environmental protection, and selfie Greta Thunberg and Severn of Cullis-Suzuki dubbed the “cult”.

Friday afternoon on the streets of Vancouver was another massive climatic strike, led by climate activist and the face of the school strike movement, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg. When Thunberg made a powerful speech, condemning the world’s political leaders, it was joined by another fighter against climate change, a resident of British Columbia North of Cullis-Suzuki, which is probably one of the few who can fully appreciate the incredible popularity Thunberg in the world.

More than two decades ago, the then 12-year-old Cullis-Suzuki stood before the world’s politicians and asked them to take stronger action to prevent the extinction of various species of flora and fauna and global warming. As Thunberg, her performance in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro attracted the attention of millions, and it became known as “the girl who made the world silent for five minutes.”

27 years later Thunberg and 39-year-old Cullis-Suzuki met in Vancouver during a protest against government inaction on the climate crisis. And although world leaders did not listen to the words of Cullis-Suzuki, Canadians proved that remember superstar the climate crisis, and very warmly took the photo Callis-Suzuki/Thunberg.

Thunberg posted a photo in Instagram and wrote: “the School strike Week 62 Vancouver, British Columbia. With Severn Of Cullis-Suzuki! Police say 15,000 people”. Cullis-Suzuki reposted the same photo to his own Instagram account, and got a lot of nice words from people around the world.

Commenting on the post Thunberg in Instagram, the canadian photographer of National Geographic Paul Nickle wrote: “Two idol!!!”

Another Instagram user shared a similar comment to the photo Thunberg, writing: “It is. Cult. The photo”.

After Thunberg had posted the same photo in his Twitter account, someone wrote: “Great to see You with Severn, Greta…! Two Inspirational Leader…..Please accept my continued support of the UK…”

Another commented in a similar manner, adding: “It started out as you, Greta!! Power to the people!! Thank you both, that the struggle for health and well-being of this planet!”

The third said: “What leadership Duo!”

Speaking earlier this year, Cullis-Suzuki said, “We don’t know the future. We can’t write off, because you don’t know what will happen. Two years ago nobody knew who this Greta Thunberg, and who could have predicted that it will cause a worldwide movement.”

In conclusion, Cullis-Suzuki said: “It has changed the rules of the game”.