Photo source Trudeau brown face said the lack of political motivation (PHOTO)

Источник фото Трюдо с коричневым лицом заявил об отсутствии политических мотивов (ФОТО)

The man who gave the Time magazine photo of Justin Trudeau with brown makeup on his face from the annual Yearbook, stated that he was not given any money, and he is not a member of any political party.

In a statement issued Friday, Michael Adamson explained that his “sole motive is the belief that the canadian public has a right to see her.”

“In the beginning of this month, I spoke with a reporter from Time magazine regarding the existence of the photo, which Justin Trudeau is depicted with brown makeup on his face during one of the events when he was a teacher at West Point Grey Academy,” said Adamson.

“I also had to do with WPGA, so was aware of noise associated with the existence of this image and could provide a copy of the school Yearbook journalist of the Time”.

“I am not and never was a member of a political party. I received no payment for publishing this photo. My decision to give her the Time magazine was prompted solely by the belief that the canadian public has a right to see her.”

Adamson announced that no further review on this issue he will not give.

For photos from Yearbook 2001, Trudeau is depicted at the gala evening Arabian nights dressed in a Bathrobe, with elaborate turban on his head, and his face, hands and neck are covered with dark makeup.

Time magazine posted this black and white photo in the network. Initially she appeared in the Yearbook of the Academy West point grey private school in Vancouver, where Trudeau was a teacher before politics.