Photo Svetlana Loboda surrounded by grown-up daughters charmed fans

Svetlana Loboda has published a selection of family photos, which poses surrounded by grown-up daughters. New pictures charmed many fans of the star performer.

Фото Светланы Лободы в окружении подросших дочерей очаровало поклонников

Family photos attracted special attention of many fans, appeared in the account of Svetlana Loboda on the social network Instagram. They star singer posing sitting on a blue couch in an embrace with their daughters. Accompanied by a new publication, the celebrity wrote: “My lovelies, my happiness”. Many fans were quick to appreciate the unexpected publication of their pet. And ordinary, famous and Internet users began to leave in the tape stars enthusiastic comments and wishes of happiness and health the actress and her daughters. Svetlana Loboda suddenly my fans began to communicate with the subscribers. In response to one review, the actress wrote: “do you Know what is common between me and God? We both love the Trinity, but I love this trio. Happiness to you and your children.” While fans continue to fill the famous singer enthusiastic posts.

“Ahh, well, just no words! Very cute”, “What are they Suns”, “OOO, that is love!” “The well being of your family”, “Kokuseki such, she’s really cute”, “What’s the big Tilde was, and how kids grow fast”, “Oldest — a copy of mom”, “Light, what’s your sweet little hands”, “Beauty! Happiness to you!” write Internet users. New post Svetlana Loboda in just over an hour brought together more than 53,000 “Likes” and a huge number of enthusiastic reviews.