[PHOTOS] A major landslide occurs in Pierreville

[PHOTOS] A major landslide occurs in Pierreville

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A family from Pierreville had the fear of their life when a landslide occurred right in front of their residence during the night of Monday to Tuesday. Miraculously, no one was seriously injured.

“At one point, I said to myself, what a crash! I felt like a truck was unloading rock. It didn't stop,” says Nicole Dupuis.

The 65-year-old woman's house and those of two of her neighbors were urgently evacuated by the authorities. She was only able to take three bags of personal effects with her. 

The land subsidence washed away a section of Rang de l'Île approximately 300  meters by 18 meters wide, around 3:30 a.m.

If no residence in the area du Centre-du-Québec was hit, a white van that was traveling at the time ended up in the landslide.

After the landslide, Ms Dupuis said that her son came out to see the situation. He came back in a panic, taking her by the arms.

Without serious injuries

“Mom, I think we're living a dream,” he told her. There is no longer a road ahead and there is a vehicle with someone in the hole. »

” I heard the honking of the horn repeatedly”, says Nicole Dupuis, who could also hear the driver's cries of lamentation.

The man was finally able to get out of the hole on his own, without serious injuries, but bleeding from the head. He was taken to hospital for nervous shock.

We see the white van that ended up in the hole. The driver escaped virtually unscathed.

With tears in her eye, the sixty-year-old described with difficulty the roller coaster of emotions she felt following the landslide, she who does not know when she will be able to return home.

“It's your business,” she said with red eyes, pausing. You still have attachment. But come what may. There are no injuries, no deaths. »

A problematic sector

Some landslides occurred in the row of l'Île in Pierreville, between 2016 and 2019.

People in the area told the Journal that they were worried about rockslides. 

“Everyone knew it could happen. There are a lot of people from the village [of Pierreville] who avoided going through there, said Isabelle Provost. 

She preferred to carry her boy to school herself let him take the bus, because she found the situation too dangerous. 

The subsidence occurred around 3:30 a.m.

Last spring and August, she had also approached the school service center to have the bus route changed, without success.

“My God, I I would be sorry [if something had happened],” said Ms. Provost today, noting that her fears were well founded.

“I went that way at 10 p.m. Tuesday, and it's all destroyed. When you take the time to think that it could have happened when I was passing, it's quite scary,” said Hans Shooner, a resident of Pierreville.

Analysis in progress

It is not impossible that other subsidences will occur in the area. 

Analyzes were underway on Tuesday in order to have a complete portrait of the situation, indicated Sylvain Gallant, regional director of civil security for Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec. 

He ruled out the fact that other residences must be evacuated in because of the risks. 

The landslide in Pierreville is reminiscent of the one that occurred in La Baie, Saguenay, this summer, forcing the evacuation of many residences.

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