Physicians are still permitted men alcohol

Just a few days ago, the study showed that the wish to become fathers, men can’t drink. And now it turns out that you can drink, but in moderation.

Медики все-таки разрешили мужчинам алкоголь

Last week, scientists from Central South University in the Chinese city of Hunan came to the conclusion that if a man wants to increase his chances of fathering a child, during the 6 months before conception he should not drink alcoholic beverages. If he does, he puts the unborn child at increased risk of congenital birth defects of the heart. However, yesterday a new report that casts doubt on the results of the study shows that dads who drink moderate amounts of alcohol, in contrast, reduce the risk of developing their children’s heart defects when compared with complete abstainers.

The authors of this study carefully studied the materials on which were based the previous report. That is, again, conducted a meta-analysis of 55 previously published studies of the Association between parental attitudes toward alcohol and birth defects of the heart. It turned out that the recommended 6 months of abstinence on anything seriously was based, considering that almost all the studies concerned the period of three months prior to conception.

Therefore, Chinese scholars somewhat loosely interpreted the material on the basis of which stated the need for total abstinence from alcohol. Operational analysis showed that the risk of congenital heart disease is reduced if fathers consume no more than three and a half servings of alcohol per week for several months before conception. And those who completely abstain from alcohol, children with heart defects were born more often.