Physicians from the HIV virus people will protect larvae worms

An international group of researchers announced that it has opened a new method of protection against HIV infection. Scientists said that the larvae of parasitic worms schistosomes inhibit the infection of T-lymphocytes with the HIV virus. Some time ago experts were able to create a test drug from the eggs of these worms.

Медики: от вируса ВИЧ людей защитят личинки червей

Now scientists claim to have conducted the first trial and found that after a course of reception of cells of the human body on 80% of the steel is more resistant to HIV infection. It should be noted that this is not the first study on methods of protection from HIV. Previously, experts from University College London said that can stop the spread of dangerous diseases. According to them, receiving antiretroviral drugs to protect people from infection.

It turned out that these drugs are even in that case, if a healthy person is in a relationship with a partner infected with HIV. In the experiment, which lasted 8 years, there was not a single case of HIV transmission between participants of the experiment. It is noted that 15 men had contracted the virus through unprotected sex with people enduring antiretroviral therapy.