Physiologists called the 5 common myths about nutrition

The extra weight from carb, high cholesterol from eggs. Some theories from the field of nutrition – nothing more than a myth. This view was made by two physiologist from the United States, Wendy Repovich and Janet Peterson.

Физиологи назвали 5 распространенных мифов о питании

According to experts, people nowadays are getting a lot of information on the dangers and usefulness of certain products. But the impressive part of this information has no scientific or medical justification. About this physiologists Repovich and Peterson spoke at the 11th annual summit-the exhibition “Health & fitness” American College of sports medicine (ACSM).

So, what exactly experts believe a myth?

Carbs cause excess weight. Experts point out that this opinion has been formed because of the effect that reduces a rich carbohydrate food in the diet: reduction in reserves of carbohydrates in the body allows you to achieve weight loss. But such a lose weight, specialists say, will be short – the body will adapt to the new circumstances. Permanent failure from carbohydrates physiologically impossible: it triggers the process which the body loses ability to maintain normal activity.

8 glasses of water a day. It is believed that for good health to drink so much. Physiologists have concluded: indeed, the water lost through breathing, going to the toilet and sweating needs to be replenished. But this does not need to drink exactly 8 glasses. The exact amount of water needed is only his individual need, associated with the peculiarities of personal physiology.

“There is only one universal recommendation. If your urine is pale yellow then you are drinking the optimum amount of water. If it’s dark yellow, you need to drink more,” — said the expert.

Whole grain foods are useful. In fact, today under the guise of wholegrain foods sold a lot of food that contains dyes and additives, making it similar to useful. Physiologists suggest to get 85 grams of whole grains per day to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke — it is better in maloprimetny cereals.

Eggs raise cholesterol. Egg yolks compared to other foods contain the most concentrated cholesterol. But the ability of eggs to increase cholesterol in the body largely mythologized – is possible only under the condition that daily eaten large amounts of dietary cholesterol, and impaired fat metabolism.

Any alcohol is harmful. According to American psychologists, the consumption of alcohol a key factor is dosage. 170 grams of wine and 340 grams of beer is the amount that will not harm an adult, if he has no obvious health problems. Besides alcohol is an anticoagulant and red wine also contains antioxidants. In very small doses, these drinks can even be helpful.