Pianoboy is recorded in their album choir of the fan club

Pianoboy decided to give his fans a voice in the songs. They are now full participants in the creative process. The backbone of the fan club of Dmitry Shurov, who calls himself pianofamily, participated in recording choirs, claps, shouts, sounds of forest and nature for several songs from the new album “Today TSE Mi”.

Pianoбой записал в свой альбом хор из фан-клуба

The ultimate meaning of the songs get when they have to interact with real people. The listeners that deeply absorb the music and live with her — at least important participants in the creative process, authors and musicians. Every word or note, who find a powerful response in the other person, create a resonance and energy of a whole different level. The only way to understand what is music. I always wanted to have these feelings of co-authorship of the author-the listener was in the album of Reporoa and I was looking for ways how to do it. As a result, the album, which already has the drums recorded in big rooms, large string orchestra and urban sounds, I decided to add the most valuable piece — the energy of our fans. We came together in a big cozy Studio Pandora, listened to the new songs that nobody heard, and recorded them harmonies in the execution pianofamily using unique, created specifically for this recording setup. This energy and these voices will become another highlight of the album and a vital conduit between me and the audience. to upisyvat orchestras and choirs, like in the old days of Elvis Presley and Nazariy Yaremchuk, is a true classic and old school. Don’t know, did someone from the Ukrainian by artists of the musical collaboration with the fans, but I am confident that our choral recording — definitely the most complex and intense of all

said Dmitry Shurov.

Each singer received a memorable badge “I’m singing in the new album Pianoboy”, confirming that what they did with Pianoboy — forever.