Pianoboy shared childhood memory

Popular Ukrainian musician Pianoboy backstage Christmas show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”, which channel “Ukraine” will show on the evening of 31 December, spoke about the factors that make a woman strong and help to achieve success in career and family.

Pianoboy поделился воспоминанием из детства

According to the musician, any woman can be implemented in the career and to reach understanding and happiness in family relationships, but this requires the support of men.

“Of course, the woman can do everything, but you need to husband helped. For if at least one husband really helps – not in words but in reality, it won’t. But most men don’t understand how hard it is to drag all these things. And if you do it in a pair will succeed!”, – said Dmitry Shurov , the journalists of TV channel “Ukraine”.

The actor admits that this approach to the woman and understanding her values for family, he began to pick up my

“In my childhood from my mother, I often heard this phrase: “Thank you for sponsorship assistance” – for example, when someone else washed the dishes for her. But this concept should be banned, because we wash his dishes”, – said the musician on the set of new year show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”.