Pickles and marinades: who are they harmful and what is useful

Home canning is not only tasty, but useful, because the vegetables retain quite a lot of vitamins and minerals and also possess other properties.

Соленья и маринады: кому они вредны и чем полезны

About various pickles and marinades long debate. Someone speaks against them, referring to the large amount of salt and the development banks fungi and bacteria, while others claim that pickles is a great way to fill the winter shortage of vitamins and minerals. Preservation helps to maintain the beneficial properties of vegetables – they are not heat treated, but by itself the process of salting and marinating even increases their favor.

Leader terms of use is sauerkraut. There a huge amounts of vitamin C and other antioxidants. In addition, sauerkraut has a beneficial effect on intestinal microflora. Pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables also help intestinal bacteria, but the cabbage still holds a leading position. It will help to cope with constipation and to improve digestion.

Pickles and marinades are rich in antioxidants, they help to restore the electrolyte balance in the body, reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system. When making preserves, don’t forget to add healthy spices – garlic, chili, dill, Basil. They will add your products not only taste, but good.

But some people are pickles can hurt. This primarily applies to patients with hypertension for whom excess salt is fraught with the worsening of the condition. With pickles and marinades must be careful to pregnant women, it is better not to give children under the age of three. Because of the salt, vinegar and spices canned foods can be contraindicated in some diseases, so listen to the advice of your doctor.

However, according to the doctors, one or two salted cucumber and a serving of cabbage is sometimes all – important to consider your individual risks and not get carried away.