Pidruchny and prima failed the mass start at the world Cup, ahead of only one Ukrainian athlete

Пидручный и Прима провалили масс-старт на этапе Кубка мира, обогнав лишь одного не украинского биатлониста

Benedikt doll, Quentin Fillon maillet and Johannes boe

  • Shocking for the Ukrainians was the outcome of the men’s mass start at sixth stage of the biathlon world Cup in Pokljuka.

World champion last year in the pursuit Dmitry Pidruchny and pryma Artem won the race in 28th and 29th place respectively.

Our biathlon 15-kilometer race were able to beat only one athlete, the representative of Belarus Sergey Bocharnikov.

And the winner of the race was Frenchman Quentin Fillon maillet, 10 seconds ahead of the German Benedict Doll, which in turn won the finish showdown at the Johannes boe, and the Willow-Sjastad Christiansen and Martin Fourcade.

Race results:

  1. Fillon Maillet Quentin (France, 0+0+1+0), 36:21,5
  2. Benedikt Doll (Germany, 0+1+0+0), +10,0
  3. Johannes Bø (Norway, 1+0+0+1), +10,3
  4. The Willow-Sjastad Christiansen (Norway, 0+0+0+1), +10.6
  5. Martin Fourcade (France, 0+0+1+0), +10.8
  6. Arlen Bontager (Norway, 0+1+0+1), +21.4

  • 28. Pidruchnuy Dmytro (Ukraine, 1+0+1+1), +2:48,7
  • 29. Pryma Artem (Ukraine, 2+0+1+1) +2:58,5