Pilots Delta canceled the takeoff due to the failure of passengers to wear masks

The plane of airline Delta Air Lines returned to the gate, reversing the take-off, after the passengers refused to wear masks, reports The Denver Channel.

Пилоты Delta отменили взлет из-за отказа пассажиров надеть маски

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The Delta plane turned around on the way to the runway and returned to the gate because passengers did not obey the instructions of the crew.

The incident reminded some people on road trips with their parents, when from-for whims of the adults had to turn the car and returned home.

In a statement, Delta Air Lines reported that the flight 1227, which was sent from Detroit to Atlanta on July 23 and “returned to the gate after two customers refused to abide by the rules” in accordance with the policies of the airlines on mask mode.

The plane had already pulled away from the gate, when the pilot decided to return. In the Delta say that the crew members asked the two passengers to wear masks, but they didn’t.

At the gate two passengers who did not wear facial covering was removed from the flight. Then the plane flew to Atlanta, as originally planned.



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