Pimples on the face: why there and what kind of disease signal

Pimples on the face can signal serious problems.

Прыщи на лице: почему появляются и о каких болезнях сигнализируют

To know what’s happening with your body should look, where the focus of the rash.

Pimples on forehead

Pimples on upper part of forehead saying about problems with the digestive system — the large intestine and the bladder or may indicate a hormonal changes. At the same time, according to experts, acne on the upper forehead can occur due to irritation, for example, you sweat, wear a hat.

Rash on the nose

Pimples on the nose indicate violations of the cardiovascular system. It can also indicate poor nutrition. If the rash on the nose — so the liver cleans your blood.

Acne around the eyes

If showered with pimples near eyes — you have a bad working kidneys, and not enough vitamins.

Rash near lips

Pay attention to the digestive system, if you have acne near the lips. Then can cause constipation, indigestion, intestinal colic.