“Pinch me someone!” -Jeanick Fournier

“Pinch me’someone!” - Jeanick Fournier


At 50, Jeanick Fournier offers herself something she hadn't hoped for a long time: a new life, both personal and professional. “I'm proof that it's never too late to realize your dreams,” breathes the one who won the second season of Canada's Got Talent , last spring.

To say that Jeanick Fournier exudes happiness would almost be an understatement. Her laughing eyes sparkle, she laughs easily and she gets carried away, getting excited like a kid when it comes time to talk about her new album, which was released to much fanfare earlier this week. 

Her life, she attests, has “changed from A to Z” over the past few months.

“It's crazy,” she blurts out. “The word 'crazy' has actually entered my vocabulary! I don't count how many times a day I say it so much everything is… crazy,” she adds, laughing.

“I owe them that”

Indeed. Her victory at Canada's Got Talent, last May, allowed her – among other things – to offer herself a better life for herself, of course, but also for those she affectionately calls “my friends”. : his children Yohan and Emma. She recently left her cramped apartment to move her family into a large house in Chicoutimi, better suited to their needs. 

Also, anonymity is over. A simple race or a trip to town can now take several hours for the singer who is recognized on the street, wherever she goes, whether in Montreal or Quebec. Some might feel dizzy after such a meteoric rise. But not Jeanick Fournier. 

“I live very well with that because, in the end, it is thanks to them that I won Canada's Got Talent. I owe them that. And if I didn't want to see people or talk to them, well, I'd stay home. But that's not my case,” she says.

And his children in all this?

“They see that mom is happy, and that makes them happy. And even if I am often away from home, I am lucky to have an extraordinary close guard who takes care of my cocos during my absence”, she explains. 

At high speed

The last few months have all the same passed in a real gale, concedes Jeanick Fournier. She even feels like she's condensed the equivalent of a year's work into just a few weeks, as evidenced by her eponymous album recorded over the summer. 

“It was quick. But I savor every minute, every thing that happens to me. Pinch me, someone!” she laughs. 

This new album – the third in her career, but the first released on the Universal Music Canada label – now allows her fans to further explore the musical universe of their idol through 11 pieces, most drawn from his memories. 

The first one that won? I Surrender, obviously. Because it is with this title, borrowed from Céline Dion, that the singer obtained the “golden buzzer” propelling her directly into the semi-finals of Canada’s Got Talent. Other pieces were then added, drawn here and there from the repertoires of Cyndi Lauper, Roxette and other Faith Hill, but also Marie Denise Pelletier and Laurence Jalbert. 

To top it off, two original songs – one in French, the other in English – further evoke his personal story. 

“I absolutely wanted there to be songs in French. Singing in French is me. It's who I am. I always have and I will continue to do so all my life. Even that it's something that we will probably prioritize for the next album”, she says. 

But before thinking about this next disc, Jeanick Fournier must still cross his particularly busy schedule. In addition to walking his show Jeanick Fournier sings Céline– to the program of which she will of course add pieces from her new album – she is expected in Vegas next December for a performance on the set of America's Got Talent

< p>In Vegas… with Celine?

While rumors that Celine Dion will be back on stage in the City of Vice before the end of the year, Jeanick Fournier can officially have another big dream: to meet his idol, whether on stage or backstage. 

Jeanick Fournier is also very emotional when evoking this desire, his gaze clouding with tears . 

“Singing with Celine Dion would be the best of the best. But basically, I would also like to spend some time with her, without a kodak, without a camera. Just chatting, woman to woman, about life, the job, our children… I'm throwing that into the universe,” she concludes.  

The album by Jeanick Fournier is now available. The singer will be performing at the Capitole de Québec on November 4, then at the MTELUS in Montreal on November 14.