Pinned for selling coke to double agents

Épinned for selling coke to double agents


Caught in a major drug operation in Drummondville, two brothers, including a Hells Angels prospect, have admitted selling narcotics to undercover agents.

” You were highly involved in the process of drug trafficking in the region and you had an important role in this achievement “, hammered the judge Marie-Josée Ménard, Monday, at the Drummondville courthouse. < /p>

Marc Dubois, 52, and his brother Steven Collard, 45, pleaded guilty to several counts, including gangsterism, conspiracy and cocaine trafficking. 

The two defendants were detained at the Sorel prison since their arrest, in May 2021, as part of the project called “Tipping”.

Dubois and Collard were among the leaders of drug trafficking in this region of Centre-du-Québec. They offered two options to sellers in their territory: buy the drugs from them or pay a ” tax ” if they wanted to get it elsewhere. 

In 2019, the  quote  was set at $250 for every ounce sold in the Drummondville area. 

Link to the Hells

Collard is a prospect from the Trois-Rivières chapter of the Hells Angels. He was arrested during Operation SharQc in the spring of 2009, for drug trafficking and gangsterism, but was released from all charges when the court found that he and his 30 co-defendants could not be tried within a reasonable time.< /p>

Due to his known affiliations with organized crime and run-ins with the law, Collard considered himself to have more “warmth” on him, can we read in the agreed statement of facts. Dubois therefore took on greater responsibilities in the organization. 

Dubois claimed in particular to have been involved in this business since 1999 and to manage a team of 10 to 12 people, it is mentioned.

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) was able to obtain this information thanks to three double agents who infiltrated the group by posing as drug dealers.

During the undercover operation, who s t took place from November 2019 to October 2020, an agent notably paid $20,500 to obtain 250 g of cocaine. Another paid more than $27,000 in taxes. 

Collard and Dubois sourced narcotics from Jessy Ramsay-Koch, the son of a Hells Angels member in good standing. The latter pleaded guilty in a separate trial in November 2021 and was sentenced to 29  months in prison. 

Long trial averted

Collard received a 42-month prison sentence on Monday. Dubois will receive his sentence next February. 

By pleading guilty, they therefore avoid a trial by jury which could have lasted six months.  

< p>Three other co-defendants pleaded guilty on Monday to various charges, including gangsterism and conspiracy. They were free and will experience their sentence in the winter of 2023. 

– With the collaboration of Valérie Gonthier

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