Place emergency landing in Moscow was taken off the air: video the consequences of the accident


Место аварийной посадки самолета в Подмосковье сняли с воздуха: видео последствий аварии

In the network appeared the new video from the crash landing of a passenger plane in Moscow. The consequences of aircraft emergency off height.

Meanwhile, rescuers called the new figure of the victims of the passengers of the plane A-321, made an emergency landing in the suburbs. In particular, it became known that as a result of a hard landing injured 55 people, including 17 children. The six victims had to be hospitalized.

All on Board were 226 passengers, among them 41 children.

The plane was flying from Moscow to Simferopol.

After hitting birds in aircraft engines, the crew decided to land the ship in a cornfield near the village of Fishermen. The landing occurred with the landing gear retracted. Also has information about the fire one of the engines.

Passengers had to be evacuated from the cabin on inflatable ladders.

Recall that one of the passengers of the plane “Ural airlines”, which urgently sat down in a corn field in the Moscow region, was filming the incident on video.

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