Plain or diva? Angelina Jolie became a platinum blonde

Angelina Jolie has started filming in the picture “Eternal” directed by Chloe Zhao. This film promises to be yet another masterpiece in the Marvel comics universe. Hollywood actress, is markedly reduced in the last couple of years, the volume of the movie, could not agree on the role of Tena.

Простушка или дива? Анджелина Джоли стала платиновой блондинкой

For this project, Jolie decided to change the image — she appeared in the form of a platinum blonde. New hair color, probably temporary, that is, the actress used to transform a wig. In the filmography of Angelina already had a few pictures where she starred with blond hair and each time it caused a stir among fans.

Someone has formed the opinion that bright shades make an actress a “simpleton” (but is that possible?). Others want to dye my hair blonde in real life. Indifferent to the change in appearance Jolie almost none.

With Angelina in the science fiction film will star Salma Hayek, kit Harrington, Richard Madden and other stars. They say that the premiere of “Eternal” is scheduled for November 2020.

And this fall fans will enjoy another premiere with the participation of Angelina. On wide screens out another part of “Maleficent”. In the near future planned some promotional activities involving the divas, and since each output Jolie in light of the media coverage, the public will have something to discuss.