Player Australian “Sydney” ostentatiously bowed to the empty stands after scoring (video)

Футболист австралийского "Сиднея" демонстративно поклонился пустым трибунам после забитого гола (видео)

Oiler Le Font

Australian a-League is one of the world’s few national Championships in football, which continues despite the pandemic coronavirus.

However, there teams play in an empty stadium.

The players do not forget that they play primarily for the fans.

In 22-m round of the championship of Australia hosted the Sydney Derby between the teams of “Western Sydney Wanderers” and “Sydney” (1:1).

In the 35th minute of the match the ex-striker English “reading” and “Cardiff city” hope Akpan of reading FC, who plays for the Sydney, opened the scoring.

After that 33-year-old Englishman ostentatiously patted the empty stands and even bowed before them.

After this draw “Sydney” continues with great advantage to lead the standings, while their compatriots dug in the bottom thereof.