Players of the Bundesliga may be required to play in masks at the resumption of the season

Футболистов Бундеслиги могут обязать играть в масках при возобновлении сезона

Became known, some precautions plans to take the German Bundesliga in the case of the resumption of the season.

The Ministry of labour Germany has prepared a 3-page document outlining two main options for the resumption of the Bundesliga draw, reports Der Spiegel.

Option 1. All players, coaches, members of the medical staff and the person directly in contact with them, will be quarantined until the end of the season. For example, for these purposes, can be used exclusive (for such purposes) to the hotel.

Option 2. Players and referees must wear a medical mask matches. The mask should not be disposable and must meet the medical standards. The document notes that PPE should not slide off during sprints, horse riding and martial arts clashes. The players must not touch the mask with your hands throughout the match.

If someone from players ‘ mask still slips, then the game shall be stopped immediately. However, it is noted that during exercise mask faster come into disrepair, so they have to change every quarter of an hour. During pauses to change masks all the players and coaches will have to be at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

Will be banned out of game contacts, for example a joint celebration of goals scored.