PLQ: Marc Tanguay will be Dominique Anglade's right arm in the bedroom

PLQ: Marc Tanguay will be Dominique Anglade's right arm in the bedroom


Dominique Anglade has placed her confidence in Marc Tanguay, who will serve as House Leader in the Liberal Caucus. 

The Leader of the Official Opposition unveiled today the identity of the four chosen ones who will form its close guard. The deputy for La Fontaine, Marc Tanguay, returns to the position of parliamentary leader, which he has already exercised from the fall of 2019 to the summer of 2020.  

Shortly after the arrival of Dominique Anglade at the head of the PLQ, the deputy for Pontiac, André Fortin, had replaced Marc Tanguay in this role. Today, it is André Fortin who finds himself excluded from the inner circle of the Liberal leader.  

In the last few days, some Liberals have expressed irritation over the interest that the member for La Fontaine has shown in the interim leadership a few days before the election in the event that Ms. Anglade would have lost her riding.  

Apart from the return of Marc Tanguay, there is little change in the ranks of Liberal officers. 

The MNA for Nelligan, Monsef Derraji, is reappointed Deputy House Leader, while Filomena Rotiroti remains Chief Official Opposition Whip. 

Marquette MP Enrico Ciccone has for his part was named chair of the Liberal caucus.  

In a press release, the Liberal leader highlighted the work of these four elected officials in recent years. 

“These are people who have accumulated several years of experience and in which I have full confidence,” she said.