Plump Kim Kardashian can’t fit into your favorite dress

Recently, Kim Kardashian complained that could not get into your favorite Versace dress, because….stout. Although a year ago boasted that almost moved into the category of owners of size S. Since then, reality TV star and social. networks no longer control your diet (probably dizziness from success), asked lots of pasta, fast food, and never indulged in birthday, which took place at the end of October. Celebrating 39 years, Kim stood on the scales and found plus 8 pounds.

Располневшая Ким Кардашьян не влезла в любимое платье

And they do not spoil her life while favorite dress on her treacherously is not fastened. After that Kim decided to take for themselves. She moves on to her favorite Atkins diet (low carb, 4 meals a day), which lost weight after two pregnancies. And the star has started to train intensively with a personal guru. And in “menu” the Kardashians even a night exercise. Her coach said that the best start metabolism. “I train before dinner and nightfall, then I wouldn’t be able to go to the refrigerator,” said Kim.