Plywood “hero”: the network has ridiculed the statement of former leader of the DNI about the March on Kiev

Фанерный «герой»: в сети высмеяли заявление экс-главаря ДНР про поход на Киев

Former “Prime Minister” of so-called DNR Alexander Boroday declared intention to take away the “Russian city” Kiev.

The video with this statement Beard published blogger under the name Necro Mancer on his Twitter page.

“Kiev, we will take this Russian city. A dill, maybe leave some city.” — says ex-DNR leader in the video blog of Yuri Kotenko.

Statements Beard provoked caustic comments in the social network.

“Yeah, that’s right now get to the next tree pointer “To Kiev” and go to take it. And as long as the trees stand, and we reach!”, “Blah… come on both sides of the APU, making the boiler, and into every navoloch to them in the pens clawed and fanged teeth…”, were all, “ahh,me to Kiev for 3 days!!! And yet pitaemsya in the background nailed to a tree fanerki )))”, write the commentators.