Podcast ‘what’s in new York’: the most contagious place in the city and why physicians are protected from the coronavirus paper packages

ForumDaily New York launched a weekly podcast “what’s in new York,” second edition is already in the air.

Подкаст 'А что в Нью-Йорке': самое заразное место в городе и почему врачи защищаются от коронавируса бумажными пакетами

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In this edition presenter Andrey Savitsky talked about where in the city the microbial place; how to plant a tree in your street from the comfort of home (and absolutely free); why do new York doctors have to protect yourself from coronavirus with paper bags; as well as a costly, but unforgettable gift to someone you love, which can only be done in new York.

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In this issue the lead was joined by a pianist-inventor Robert Panitch which prints to modern masks with a high degree of protection for medical staff in new York hospitals on a home 3D printer. The man does not consider himself a volunteer, although handing out masks to hospitals completely free of charge. According to him, he does it because we now have to take care of your health — both his and society — and the money will come, because they are not the most important thing in life.

Robert said that he has no problems with licensing of masks as models for their production, he took from the site Findamask.com they were developed by experts from the Czech Republic and approved by the new York Department of health. So if you have the desire and ability to support the physicians of new York, go to this website and learn how you can make a mask or to help in another way.

If you are inspired by the activities of Robert, he now also needs support, because he ran out of transparent plastic for the front of the mask. To learn more about its activities and how to participate can be on his page in Instagram.

The issue was the materials used that you can read on our website:

Here you can learn more about how to brand a bench in Central Park. And this article talks about how to plant a tree without leaving home.


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