Pogba got new troubles in England: the police confiscated the Frenchman Rolls-Royce (photo)

У Погба новые неприятности в Англии: полиция конфисковала у француза Rolls-Royce (фото)

Paul Pogba

Police in Cheshire confiscated from the stars “Manchester United” the Field Pogba Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge, reports The Sun.

The reason for the confiscation of the vehicle was not a traffic violation.

It turned out that the world champion in 2018 in the national team of France changed the number plate of his car in time. Machine foreign numbers that are in the UK for more than 6 months must be registered and equipped with British number plates. Pogba also went to the car with French plates, thereby violating these rules.

It is reported that 27-year-old will now be required to pay a fine in the amount of 150 pounds, then within seven days will be able to return the car.

Note, today “Manchester United” in London will play the English Premier League. Rival 20-times Champions of England “Tottenham”, headed by the former coach of “red devils” Jose Mourinho.