“Pogramming”: In Belarus, the man caught the fish “in camouflage”

«Погранлинь»: В Беларуси мужчина поймал рыбу «в камуфляже»

In Belarus, the fisherman caught a fish amazing color.

This site says Peekaboo.

“Of Belarus. The boundary zone. Here’s a fish caught on a hook-in-law. Its title and part number Lin was not given. Fell during the torture of the hot pan. The interrogation was led by the mother-in-law,” wrote the user chekist54.

«Погранлинь»: В Беларуси мужчина поймал рыбу «в камуфляже»

Comments talk about the wonderful color of the fish.

“What an interesting color, I don’t think sick, maybe just a hybrid”, “CIA Agent Fishman task failed”, “gone too Far with the methods, comrade Lieutenant,” “And on the border of what he and this fish also? Maybe it’s fish Lithuanian or Polish spy..” — write in the comments.