Poisoned in Amesbury Charles Rowley wants to sue Russia 1 million pounds (PHOTOS)

Отравившийся в Эймсбери Чарльз Роули  хочет отсудить у России 1 млн фунтов (ФОТО)

Briton Charles Rowley, poisoned in the summer of 2018 in Amesbury, according to Scotland yard, the nerve substance, is planning to sue Russia 1 million pounds (1.25 million U.S. dollars). About it as transfers “Interfax”, on Sunday wrote to the newspaper the Daily Mirror, citing a statement by his lawyer Patrick McGuire.

“Charlie continues to experience serious side effects from toxic substances, trapped in his body. But he says he is more concerned about the truth of what happened”, – said the publication of McGuire.

The lawyer told the newspaper that Rowley appealed to him for help, to get justice. McGuire then asked him to consider the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the Russian government, among other options. Other details McGuire does not.

We will remind, on June 30 in Amesbury was hospitalized in critical condition, Britain’s Charles Rowley and his girlfriend don Sturges. Sturgis died on 8 July in the hospital, Rowley managed to survive. On 20 July he was discharged from the hospital, but in mid-August, Rowley was again hospitalized after he began to experience vision problems.

Brother Charles Rowley also said that the doctors suspected his brother meningitis – inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord. However, the exact diagnosis, as well as a clear understanding what caused the condition, doctors have, according to Matthew Rowley, no. He is sure that the consequences of poisoning, and doctors rushed to prescribe his brother from the hospital after treatment. In the very same hospital, reporters still did not give any information about the patient’s condition.

Recovering after the poisoning, Charles Rowley told me that his friend died after threw himself on the wrist with perfume, which was mixed nerve substance. At the same time to remember where he and his friend found a bottle that contained a substance that the victim is a Briton could not.

UK investigators immediately linked the incident with the March events in nearby Salisbury. There is a similar substance had been poisoned ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. Both survived after treatment was discharged from the hospital. London blamed for poisoning Skrobala on Moscow, but Russia has repeatedly denied allegations of his involvement in the incident.

After the poisoning of two more persons in Amesbury investigators have suggested that in both cases we are talking about the poison from one party and hands Rowley and Sturgis got a container of poison, which the criminals used to assassinate Skrobala.

The responsibility of the British authorities laid on Russia. In addition, the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) confirmed the salary of the findings of the investigation of chemical attack in Britain using the poison family “Rookie”. It is from contact with this substance killed don Sturges, were hospitalized in Amesbury, decided by the international experts.

Moscow rejected the accusations, Recalling that all chemical weapons destroyed Russian Federation under the control of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons.

This spring, with Charles Rowley met the Ambassador of Russia to UK Alexander Yakovenko. The Russian diplomat claims that gave exhaustive answers to the questions of the British in the “case Skrypalia”. ACCORDING to Yakovenko, by Rowley, no complaints, but the health of Rowley “gradually deteriorating; and, he believes, it is unknown what will happen to him”.

At the end of June this year, the then Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Osaka summit of “big twenty” stated that normalization of relations between the two countries, with threats from Russia to London and its allies impossible.

The representative of the office of the head of government also stressed that Mei said there was irrefutable evidence of Russia’s involvement in the administration in Salisbury. “She said that these actions should never be repeated, and that the UK wants two involved in attacks were held responsible”, he added. At the meeting, Theresa may exchanged with the Russian President the cold hands.

Theresa may stressed that Britain will be hard to defend liberalism, democracy, human rights and the equality of all social groups, including members of the LGBT community